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What is the Local Resilience Forum?

This website and Glos_Prepared twitter account are ran by Gloucestershire Local Resilience forum (we tend to refer to it as the LRF to make life easier!).

The area covered by the Gloucestershire LRF is the same as that policed by Gloucestershire Constabulary, based on the county’s political boundaries.

Chaired by Chief Constable Rod Hansen, the LRF is the principal mechanism for multi-agency cooperation under the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) 2004.

The LRF is not a statutory body but it is a statutory process, however, it does not have powers to direct its members. The LRF is overseen by a strategic groupwith sub groups providing the vital function of delivering the strategic aims and objectives set by the LRF.

The aim of the LRF is: ‘To co-ordinate effective and efficient integrated emergency management arrangements within the County of Gloucestershire and to meet the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004’.

If an emergency occurs that requires a multi agency command and control structure, the LRF Strategic Group will become the Strategic Coordinating Group (Gold). The relationships developed through working, planning and training together as part of the LRF will help ensure a joined up approach.