Preparing Your Community

What is community resilience?

Community resilience is about communities and individuals harnessing local resources and expertise to help themselves in an emergency, in a way that complements the response of the emergency services.

Why is community resilience important?

• Emergencies happen, preparing yourself and your family will make it easier to recover from the impacts of an emergency.
• Being aware of the risks you might face, and who in your community might need your help, could make your community better prepared to cope with an emergency.
• Local emergency responders will always have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency, especially where life is in danger. During these times, you need to know how to help yourself and those around you.

The County and District Councils have been working together to promote Community Resilience within Gloucestershire. The templates and further information can be found here: Gloucestershire – Community Resilience

The Cabinet Office have also provided guidance and template documents at the website